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January 2018

- The latest single from Rae Morris, 'Push Me To My Limit', has been released. I recorded flugelhorn on the 'Live At Toerag' version from Toerag studios - brass arranged by Hannah Peel. Click here to watch.

- The new Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly album is released this month on 19.01.18. The latest single from the record 'VHS Forever' (on which I wrote & recorded the horns) has been getting plays on BBC 6 Music (listen here at 2:43:00 & here at 1:14:00). Buy the single & preorder the album here, and check out the live video version here. Click here for info on the album launch at Village Underground.


December 2017

- I recorded trumpet remotely for singer / songwriter Sean McGowan.

- Remote trumpet recorded for another Dany King track.

- Work with Myles Sanko this month included a sell out show at the Kölner Philharmonie (Cologne, Germany) & a big live performance on TSF Jazz Radio in Paris at Salle Pleyel. Click here to watch the Cologne gig.


November 2017

- I recorded a bit of trumpet remotely for tv composer James Jones.

- A few live radio broadcasts in the Netherlands with Myles Sanko. Watch here, here & here.

- Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly has released double A Side, Adults / Always (feat/ ShyFX). I wrote & recorded trumpet on 'Adults'. Listen here. These tracks are taken from an album, on which I have done brass on several other tracks, due out in January next year. Click here to preorder the album & purchase Adults / Always.

- Remote trumpet recording for tv composers / producers Philip Guyler, Chris Salt & Andy Theakstone & for Dallas-based artist Dany King.


October 2017

- I recorded on the FIFA Awards Ceremony 2017 opening titles - myself on trumpet & I also contracted french horn & bass trombone here to listen, music composed by Paul Farrer!

- I'll be playing at the London Coliseum as part of a horn section that I contracted for a show featuring four legendary Bollywood singers. More info & tickets here.

- I'll be playing with Myles Sanko throughout October, November & December for his Autumn/Winter European tour 2017. All dates here.


September 2017

- I recorded remote session trumpet for Bollywood film composer Nikhil George.

- I recorded myself & Freddie Bols on trumpet & Sam Freeman & Chris Smith on trombone from my home studio for tv composer Paul Farrer... music which will soon be on BBC1!

- I'll be playing in this SoulandJazzLIVE show at the Cadogan Hall, London. A night with Resolution 88 and singers Myles Sanko, Lindsey Webster.

- A track that I recorded on for The Chemistry Set has been released - click here for the video to 'Lovely Cuppa Tea'.


August 2017

- I recorded remote sessions on trumpet & flugelhorn for composers Chris Salt & Jeremy Birchall & Pete Fraser on some library tracks, and also for singer / songwriter Matt Cade.

- I'll be performing at the Haarlem Jazz & More Festival in the Netherlands with Myles Sanko. Also with Myles, I'll be playing 'Craig Charles Funk n Soul Club' at Band On The Wall, Manchester.

- I wrote/arranged & recorded brass (myself, trombonist Zeb Tonkin & sax player Pete Fraser) for Egypt-based producer El Nabulsi on a song for film.


July 2017

- I'm now playing trumpet & flugel in soul singer Myles Sanko's band. My first gig was 3 nights at the legendary Duc Des Lombards jazz club in Paris, recorded by France 3 television & broadcast live on TSF Jazz Radio. I'll be playing with the band in Europe (including Nice Jazz Festival) & the UK - check out the tour dates here.

- I'm writing & recording horns for Sam Duckworth's new 'Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly' album. Out next year, the track 'Invisible' premiered on BBC Radio 1 this month.

- Another remote session for James Jones, trumpet for a film score.

- I arranged & recorded horns (myself & trombonist Jamie Pimenta) on a new track by Egyptian megastar Sherine Abdel Wahab, produced by Mo Nabulsi.

- I recorded trumpet remotely for tv composer Miguel D'Oliveira on some cues for a new series of BBC1 Television show 'The Hairy Bikers'.


June 2017

- 'Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly' is back! New single 'The Optimist' out now. Alongside Pete Fraser, I wrote the horns on the track & I recorded trumpet. Buy here. More links here.

- Various remote sessions on trumpet including for composer James Jones & trombonist Carol Jarvis.


May 2017

- Trumpet recorded remotely on a few tracks for composer Anthony Theakston of 'Resonate'.

- I arranged & recorded trumpet & euphonium on a track for film composer Nikhil Paul George

- This month, Diagrams new record 'Dorothy' was released. I wrote & recorded a load of brass on the album (trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor horn & baritone horn). The video for the track 'I Tell Myself' was also released (click here to watch), and that song is getting plenty of radio play (including both Lauren Laverne & Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music). Click here to order the album.

- I played flugelhorn with Diagrams in a few live sessions for radio, including for Jamie Cullum on BBC Radio 2 (listen here at 31mins & 55mins) & on Radio France in Paris (watch below - bottom left).


April 2017

- I recorded trumpet on a number of cues for film composer James Pickering

- Horns recorded (myself on trumpet, Chris Smith on trombone) on a few tracks for cult psychedelic band 'The Chemistry Set'. Getting there by boat, the session took place at the lovely 'Stakeout Studios' on an island in the middle of the River Thames.


March 2017

- I've been writing & arranging horns alongside Pete Fraser (sax) & recording trumpet & flugelhorn for Sam Duckworth's (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly / Recreations) upcoming record, out at some point next year.

- Cornet, Flugelhorn & Euphonium recorded for London-based film / tv composer Miguel D'Oliveira on the soundtrack to the BAFTA award winning Channel 4 series 'First Dates'.

- Some jazz 'Chet Baker-style' Trumpet recorded for tv & film composer Tristan Noon for an ad campaign.

- My trumpet, flugel & tenor horn arrangements & recordings feature heavily on 'I Tell Myself', the new single by Diagrams. Have a listen here. The album 'Dorothy' will be released in May. Pre-order it here.


February 2017

- Feel free to check out a new feature on my site, the Online Mixer (see Remote Session page or click here). I arranged & recorded horns for producer El Nebulsi on a track for multi-platinum selling singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab and in the mixer, you can listen to each section, play around with levels, reverb & record your own mix. The producer wanted a very 'beefy' sound, so I went with a large section of 3 trumpets, a tenor sax, a baritone sax & 2 trombones. Link to the full track coming soon! The Online Mixer was developed by the very talented Julian Cole & very kindly hosted by Pete Whitfield of Real Strings. Check both of them out!

- I'm playing with Sam Duckworth & his 'Bohemian Soul Orchestra', playing Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly & Recreations songs in Southend on 11th February. More details here. It should be a fantastic night!

- I appeared live on Channel 4 comedy/talk show 'The Last Leg', performing fanfares. Click here to watch!

- I remotely recorded 2 trumpets (myself & Thom Hewitt) & 2 french horns (Oli Hickie & Adam Howcroft) for award-winning Indian composer/songwriter Mickey J Meyer.

- Trumpet recorded on the titles for a film, music composed by my brother Jacob Ewens.


January 2017

- Happy New Year! Check out this arrangement of Auld Lang Syne I wrote & recorded at home. Simon Minshall provided trombone, bass trombone & tuba from his home studio whilst I recorded trumpet, piccolo trumpet & flugelhorn. Click here to listen.

- Plenty of my trumpet solos throughout this short film, music composed by Thom Robson. Click here to watch The River.

- I recorded remotely for tv & film composer James Jones - some jazzy trumpet stuff on a film cue.

- I recorded trumpet on several tracks for indie / pop band Effra Social at Animal Farm studios in London.

- The game 'Castle Creeps' has been released and already had 2 million downloads. I recorded lots of trumpet for the soundtrack, composed by Richard Wilkinson. To read more about the game, click here for Richard's blog about composing for it, and here to listen to clips.

- I'll be playing with Sam Duckworth's 'Recreations' at Brixton Jamm as part of Independent Venue Week 2017, playing the full 'Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.' album 'Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager' & new tunes. Read more here.


December 2016

- I'm recording myself on flugelhorn / trumpet & French Horn (Oli Hickie) for composer Nakash Aziz for an Indian TV show.

- Remote trumpet session for USA-based composer / producer Rick Balentine.


November 2016

- The crowdfunding campaign for the release of the new Diagrams album 'Dorothy' is now live. The album has been recorded & was produced by Mike Lindsay (Tunng, Farao, Low Roar, Speech Debelle) and Kristofer Harris (Smoke Fairies). I wrote & recorded lots of brass all over it alongside the multi-instrumentalist, composer & trumpeter Kelly Pratt (Arcade Fire, St Vincent, David Byrne). The lead single 'It's Only Light' (on which I wrote & recorded flugelhorn & baritone) is getting plenty of radio play (including BBC Radio 6 Music) & is out now for download via the crowdfunding campaign. Click here for all the info & here for an album teaser. I encourage you to support this groundbreaking project!

- I'm recording some trumpet sessions for composer / producer Nathan Boddy on some library tracks for Audio Network.

- A library track that I co-wrote is starting to be used by television networks, such as ESPN.


October 2016

- An EP that I contributed some arrangement & some trumpet & flugelhorn to is out. 'The Becoming' by North London-based 'CallMeTheKidd' is a 4 track EP of funk-infused soul-rap. I appear on the track 'Bounce'. I also recorded Billy Yates on trombone from my studio, and the amazing New York Brass (Danny Flam) contributed some lines. Hear the track on the Listen page.

- I'm recording trumpet on a number of cues & a trailer for a Bollywood film for renowned film composer Pritam in sessions both from my home studio & at composer/producer Nikhil George's studio in London.

- I recorded myself & other brass (Zeb Tonkin, Sion Jones, Alex Hitchcock & Pete Fraser) and wrote / arranged the parts on a track for composer / producer Mo Nabulsi. This was my first piece of remote work for a client in Egypt, and the track will be used on Egyptian TV show 'Sheri Studio' sung by multi-platinum selling artist Sherine Abdel Wahab.


September 2016

- I'm recording horns on a number of tracks for BBC1's 'Michael McIntyre's Big Show' for tv composer Paul Farrer. Other than myself, the other brass players I contracted include Toby Street, Billy Yates, Pete Fraser, Sam Freeman & Alex Hitchcock. A very enjoyable load of sessions!

- I appeared on BBC Radio 3 from St John's Smith Square with the Octandre Ensemble, playing solo flugelhorn for the UK premiere of Christian Mason's 'Layers of Love'. Nice to get a special mention! Listen back here from 1hr 27mins. (see photo opposite)

- I recorded trumpet & flugel on a song for singer/songwriter Alex Valentine.


August 2016

- A few bits of remote recording for film composer Rebecca Dale, trumpet on some trailer music.

- Remote recording for tv composer Richard Wilkinson, some cinematic lines across 4 video game cues.

- Remote sessions for composer Philip Hochstrate on a number of library album tracks, tv composer James Pickering & on a library music track for Soho Production Music for composer James Jones.


- Welcome to my new website! I hope to update it regularly - cheers for visiting!

A few bits of news regarding various projects & releases outside of my freelance orchestral work...

Social-youtube-logo-grey Twitter_LOGO_Grey-22222 Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 13.16.56

Solo flugelhorn for Christian Mason's 'Layers of Love' live on BBC Radio 3 from St John's Smith Square.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 14.54.00

Playing with Sam Duckworth 'Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly'

Above: performing on BBC1's 'The One Show' live from the Golden Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.06.55 Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 15.31.05 Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 18.31.54

Performing fanfares live on Channel 4's 'The Last Leg'.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 19.07.25

BBC Radio 2 session on flugelhorn with Diagrams (L-R: Astra Forward, myself, Sam Genders, Mike Lindsay)

Radio France live session in Paris with Diagrams, playing flugelhorn. Tracks performed here are 'Wild Grasses' & 'Its Only Light' from the album 'Dorothy'.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 18.55.05

Playing a live session with Diagrams on Radio France in Paris, on flugelhorn. See video lower down this page.

Below is my 'online mixer' where you can hear some horns I wrote & recorded for Sherine Abdel Wahab.

With Myles Sanko at Duc Des Lombards, Paris - broadcast on TSF Jazz Radio and French 3 TV. Also (below) a live session on NPO Radio 2 (Netherlands)

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 19.16.43 image1studio

Recording from my studio. More info on how I can add to your track / album / tv project / etc: Remote Sessions

FIFA Awards Theme Music by Paul Farrer. I remotely recorded trumpet & colleagues on horn & trombone

With Myles Sanko for a sell out show at the Kolner Philharmonie, Germany - photo by Sharik Derksen